In conjunction with the 43rd annual convention of the Canadian Council of Sheet Metal Workers and Roofers the Canadian Sheet Metal Contest brought 11 competitors from across Canada to the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort in Victoria BC. This 2-day contest tested veteran trades workers of tomorrow in layout, theory and fabrication skills. A binnacle, the housing for a ship’s compass, made from copper and brass was the shop project fabricated in a public space near the shoreline at Ship Point where curious tourists and other passersby were provided a rare public demonstration of these hand skills. Congratulations to Kyle Wellman of Ames Metal Fabricators winner of the 2017 Level SMWTC Contest as he was the SMART Local 280 and SMACNA-BC’s representative. Coming up in the next newsletter will be coverage of the Alex Donaldson Award being presented to Kyle at the SMACNA Christmas Party.



Skills Canada BC’s 2018 Provincial Competition was held on April 18, 2018 at the Trade & Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford. The SMWTC was well represented in this year’s competition. Troy Martell of Austin Metal Fabricators, Kris Brunlees of Tri-Metal Fabricators and Kurtis Malm of Piedmont Sheet Metal winners of the SMWTC Annual contest Levels 1, 2 and 3 gave the 1000s of spectators a glimpse into the world of our trade by laying out a square to round on a pitch and fabricating a square to round copper bucket. Well done to all and congratulations to Kris who took silver and Kurtis who took the bronze.