Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship Overview:

  • Upon registration of apprenticeship, apprentices are indentured with Sheet Metal Industry Training Board (SMITB)  and registered with the Industry Training Authority – ITA (provincial government)
  • A Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Agreement is usually for a period of four years (6400 hours)
  • Approximately one year after the registration of apprenticeship, apprentices are assigned to technical training at the Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre Society
  • Apprentices attend technical training for a period of four years — four 8-week sessions


  • Apprentices are subject to $800 tuition per 8-week session of training

Pay Rates:

  • 1 st year apprentice rate of pay is currently at $20.36/hr + 12% Vacation Pay + Health Benefits + Pension. For further information, please refer to Health Benefits: What You Should Know external link
  • All indentured apprentices have $1.00 per hours deducted from their wages to be held in trust by the Trustees of the Sheet Metal Industry Training Board until the apprentice attends technical training. The accumulated trust funds will be paid back to the apprentice on the second Friday of their technical training session

Completion of Apprenticeship Requirements:

  • achieve 6400 worked hours
  • attend four 8-week sessions of technical training
  • pass all level exams and the Inter Provincial (IP) Exam


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Upon completion of all requirements, the ITA issues a BC Certificate of Qualification and Interprovincial Red Seal.