SMWTCS Contest Fall 2017On November 18, 2017, the Training Centre had another great turn out to its Annual Apprentice Contest with 22 apprentices from 14 contractors competing in four levels aligned with their level of study. Thanks to the generosity of 20 sponsors, the contest gave away over $8,000 worth of prizes to participants. As in previous years, the shop portion drew the most spectators — participants assembled different projects for each level. These ranged from an aluminum hinged ammo-style box to on-centre and off-centre square to round fittings and copper bucket, showcasing contestant’s precision and skill across the board. Mark Curtis from the International union was on-hand to assist. A lengthy list of sponsors contributed to the event by way of financial support and prizes. “Everyone who comes to the contest volunteering their time and representing their trade, and the contractors are there to show their support,” said Jud Martell, training co-ordinator for SMWTC. “It was fantastic. This is one of the largest sheet metal workers’ competitions in North America, and the competitors represented so many contractors. As a celebration of the sheet metal workers’ craft and a demonstration of apprentices’ immense talent — you can’t make a guy more proud than how I felt about this contest.” Bruce Sychuk, executive director of SMACNA-BC, is appreciative to everyone involved in this event. “Thanks to the organizers for taking the time and efforts in coordinating this event and congratulations to all that participated,” said Sychuk.

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