What are the Types and Amounts of Training Tax Credits?

There are three types of training tax credits:

  1. Basic credit for the first 24 months of non-Red Seal training programs
  2. Completion credit for level 3 or level 4 for both Red Seal and non-Red Seal training programs
  3. Enhanced credit for First Nations individuals and persons with disabilities

The federal government also provides a non-refundable credit for employers for the first 24 months of Red Seal apprenticeship programs.

Learn more about the apprenticeship job creation tax credit 

Do my school hours count towards my wage level hours?

Your school hours do not count towards your wage level hours. Technical Training Hours and Work Based Training hours are separate. The requirement for 1600 hours per wage level for a total of 6400 hours total are all work based hours. The 840 hours of technical training that are counted while you are in school are separate to the 6400.

What do I need to be ready for school?

  • full work clothing
  • steel toe boots
  • binder with paper
  • TI 30x-A calculator
  • pens and pencils
  • be familiar with SMWTCS policy on attendance
  • be familiar with SMWTCS policy on behaviour
  • make sure to study the map well in order to know how to get to school on the first day of classes