Summer 2021 Grads

As Oscar Wilde brilliantly said, Success doesn’t rush. The greatest reward is the journey!  Well, our students in Level 4 sheet metal and Level 3 architectural sheet metal demonstrated that hard work and dedication to their craft contributed to their success in becoming ‘journeys’.

This is not a feat to be taken lightly. Learning new skills in a blend of online (theoretical) and onsite (technical) training is not something that comes easily to all students. Or instructors for that matter, who had to learn the technology to teach it! Our SMWTCS instructors are steadfast in supporting students to navigate the computer technology to ensure each student can complete their online assignments and hands on projects successfully.

The graduating students certainly stepped up to the plate with excellent results! Per Jud Martell, Training Coordinator, “they went 16 for 16 passed the IP (Level 4 – SM) and 10 for 10 passed the CofQ (Level 3 – ASM). 26 for 26!!! This set the new standard (previous was the 24 for 24 IP last summer) of 100% completion rate. Almost a perfect class with all passing the Level 3 and 4, and attendance was perfect for the ASM and only one student missed 3 days in the SM. Amazing!”



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