Our Technology and an Inclusive Workforce Project, a federally funded Union Training and Innovation Program (UTIP) is now in its 5th and final year. We continue to work with apprentices, journeys, contractors and industry partners to gain perspective of technological innovations, and shifting recruitment strategies to address labour market needs. We do so through ongoing stakeholder engagement, surveys, focus groups, etc.

Some recent highlights related to UTIP include:

• UTIP funded augmented reality welders have been transferred to the Valley facility for level 1 & 2 students, providing valuable practice welding time until the Phase 3 renovations of the welding department are completed.

• Hosted the Women in Sheet Metal UTIP Advisory Committee (June 2023) with discussions focused on leadership development within the theme of “Nothing about us, without us.”

• Congratulations to Nicole Hour (Boston Sheet Metal Ltd.) for winning the silver medal at the Skills Canada BC Provincial competition held at TradeX Convention Centre (April 2023). Nicole is a member of our UTIP Women in Sheet Metal Advisory Committee.

• In collaboration with the Construction Foundation of BC, our Training Centre hosted five women to learn more about the sheet metal trade while making “Carry Some” metal toolboxes (May 2023). Two participants were hired at Viaduct Sheet Metal following their experience. Congrats!

We are hosting the Annual UTIP Focus Groups in the upcoming weeks and have invited sheet metal workers and contractors to share what their first-hand experiences related to technology and an inclusive workforce. Watch for emails from Stephanie Pritchard, UTIP Project Evaluator to RSVP: s.pritchard@camdenconsulting.ca

• Sheet metal workers (June 21)
• Contractors (June 28)

We will also be launching the Indigenous People UTIP Advisory Committee and Newcomers to Canada UTIP Advisory Committee in the fall.

All SMWTC students are sent post-training surveys in the final week of training to provide valuable feedback that supports the UTIP project evaluation. Your input really makes a difference so please submit your responses!

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